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What’s It All About, Eddie? (hum theme from “Alfie” here)

March 21, 2012

We are publishing this blog to give Memphians another source of news. News that is fair, factual, free, and unfettered with excessive ideological spin.  News about the essential issues that everyone living in Greater Memphis needs to know and care about. News that affects us all because we breathe the same air and pay taxes to the same local governments and drive the same rutted roads and depend on the same economic engine for our survival and prosperity.

Eve and I are so old we remember when journalists were respected for unbiased reporting. “Just the facts, Ma’am.” (Okay, so Jack Webb wasn’t a journalist, but stick with me.)  But along the time that Woodward and Bernstein rocked Watergate, journalism schools jumped on the liberal bandwagon and started teaching students that they should build a better world by injecting the so-called “right” views and values into their writing.  Opinion journalism began to slither from editorial and op-ed pages into basic news reporting.

(Side note: It’s usually pretty easy to slant the news without appearing to be biased.  All you have to do is omit facts and opinions that don’t support the viewpoint you want your readers to adopt. We find proof of this every day in publications that pretend to be objective.)

There are very few media outlets today that present news without spin.  No matter what source you turn to for news, you are most assuredly being fed a daily diet that is specially formulated to influence you to think and vote and act in a certain way. In fact, the only sure way to “find out where truth is” on any important, hotly debated topic is to examine a variety of reports from the left/right/muddled middle, then put on your critical thinking cap.

So how many of us are doing just that?

In today’s world, and certainly in Memphis, life can be hard.  Making it through the responsibilities and setbacks and struggles of each day is as much as most people can handle.  Work (or joblessness), parenting (especially when single), money troubles, fractured families, rocky relationships, and poor health issues can be overwhelming. If  your life resembles a cheesy afternoon talk show, summoning the energy, time, and motivation to be fully informed and intellectually engaged in local issues ain’t likely to happen.

No, for Memphis’ voting majority, let’s face it, it’s bread and circuses, baby.  Who wants to know the news anyway? “It’s all bad” and “we don’t need anything else to put more stress in our lives,” right?

Well, I’ve known many folks (including my dear wife, Eve) who have been there, thought that, and ignoring politics and local issues didn’t make their lives less stressful. Wherever you live, life gets better when voters make good choices.

We are bloggers dedicated to a better Memphis. We promise to bring you news you need to know about events and issues and people and politics that affect your life.  We have opinions and will share them. But: we won’t spin the news or ignore inconvenient facts.

We will do our best to be open-minded. We promise to listen and learn from different points of view.  Because our goal is to engage everyone in Greater Memphis in conversation — thoughtful, reasoned, and civil conversation — that will help us all to make better decisions about our lives together.

Join us here and every fourth Friday on Bott Radio Network AM 640 at 3:00 p.m. for Friday Viewpoint with Eddie Settles. Be part of the conversation. Be part of making a difference.

And pray for Memphis.

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  1. Bill W. permalink
    March 26, 2012 7:46 pm

    You are exactly right Eddie. I am looking forward to following your blog. Bill W.

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