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May 25 Interview with Shelby Co. Mayor Mark Luttrell

June 12, 2012

“The destiny of our children will be invested in the less than 15% of the people who vote.”  Mark Luttrell

We were honored to have Shelby Co. Mayor Mark Luttrell on our May 25, 2012 show to share his views on the consolidation of the Memphis and Shelby County school systems. Mayor Luttrell revealed that he began his professional life as a public school teacher. His parents also taught school.  As a member of the Transition Planning Commission (TPC), Mayor Luttrell has been in the thick of the consolidation process. As the chief executive officer of Shelby County, he currently sees 362 million tax dollars each year devoted to the education of our children.

How well will your contribution to that $362 million line item be administered by the new superintendent and unified school board members? How much will the schoolchildren in your life benefit from those funds?

Mayor Luttrell calls us all to do three things:

1. Vote on August 2. In the past, school board elections have been determined by fewer than 15% of registered Shelby County voters.  This election is too critical for the future of Greater Memphis to allow so few to determine so much. Even if you do not presently have children in a local public school, if you live in Greater Memphis, you’ve got skin in the game.

2.Become educated about the candidates. An uninformed vote is no better (and potentially worse) than not voting.  Scrutinize the candidates in your district and make sure you know who has the best skills and deepest commitment for the job.  Back in River City is preparing  a free Voter’s Guide to help you make that decision. Eddie will be interviewing all candidates in Districts 1-6 (Billy Orgel is unopposed in District 7) on Friday Viewpoint with Eddie Settles (Bott Radio Network AM 640) beginning June 22 at 3:00 p.m..

3. Hold your commissioner accountable. According to Mayor Luttrell, an effective school board commissioner will be one who listens to the public — parents, teachers, voters in general — and balances voters’ views with his/her own intuition before making decisions. We can and must keep school board members accountable to all constituents by engaging them in frequent public discussions.

If you missed our interview with Mayor Mark Luttrell on May 25, 2012,   you can hear  it all here:

Friday Viewpoint 05-25-12

Mayor Luttrell has graciously agreed to answer any questions  Back in River City readers have about the schools consolidation process and probable outcomes. What is your question for Mayor Luttrell? Post  in the comments section below.

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