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A Pep Talk from Kid President

February 18, 2013

It’s Presidents Day, and at least half the country is NOT HAPPY about how things are going.

So, for those unhappy with the dominant political party, or all political parties, we bring you Kid President, the politician and newest YouTube sensation, whose inspiring message is:

Don’t be in a party, BE A PARTY!

don't be in a party 2

Watch his Pep Talk for America and spike your happiness meter. Guaranteed.


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I am definitely in love.

This amazingly talented and impossibly adorable nine year old is Robbie Novak of Henderson, Tennessee. Robbie was born with the “brittle bone disease” osteogenesis imperfecta. His dad, sister, and brother-in-law are all staff members at Freed-Hardeman University. The videos began as a marketing tactic to promote the university’s annual benefit dinners, the most recent honoring special guest Condoleeza Rice. Sister Kristi Montague is in charge of marketing and public relations at Freed-Hardeman. Her husband Keith, who produces the videos, heads the university’s social media efforts.

They hit it big with Kid President, whose irrepressible sense of fun and off-the-charts likability have won the hearts of over ten million viewers on YouTube.

Kid’s inspiring message is one of love, kindness, harmony, and  the occasional cupcake.  Not to mention hard-hitting political wisdom.

dream is stupid

Happy Presidents Day, Memphis.  Let’s find some common ground. Share a cupcake with someone you disagree with.

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