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Shameless Promotion for the Bear Killer

April 8, 2013

My husband Eddie is the outside man on our team, the one I call the bear killer. I fill the inside role, skinning the bear when he brings it home. Together, we’re working to make Back in River City a platform for all people who care about Memphis to find common ground and work for our common good.

Eddie is a born extrovert and irrepressible  schmoozer. He is energized by meeting new people. Eddie is passionately interested in a host of subjects from football to physics, politics to apologetics. He remembers a stunning percentage of the library-quantity of books he has read over the past half century, and seasons debates with incisive examples from world history as casually as I crack pepper over cantaloupe.

When Eddie is not consuming vast quantities of local, state and national news, he is cruising around town, attending public meetings, conversing with elected officials and citizen activists, unearthing information, and staying abreast of public opinion and policy developments. This keeps my favorite policy wonk happy and (mostly) out of trouble.

While I live to write, Eddie ‘s preferred medium is the spoken word and face to face discussion. He recently recorded his first podcast (with our buddies-in-crime Ken Welch and Darrell Hugueley) on the topic of school choice. (More on this later.) Eddie has begun speaking at civic clubs, churches, and organizations committed to a better Memphis.   In keeping with Back in River City’s top priorities for 2013, his topics include:

“Greater Memphis Budgets – Time for Discipline, Not Panic”

“Our Schools – Short Term Choices, Long Term Consequences”

“What’sa Matta’ with MATA?”

“The Problem of Memphis Poverty Through a New Lens”

Memphis is blessed to have a wealth of service groups and organizations supporting community enhancement. Please encourage your church or community group to get involved in local policy-making. All voters should be informed voters.

Need a speaker? Contact Have a topic you want covered on Back in River City? Comment below or contact

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