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Stressbuster Video for Today’s Laugh Time

May 14, 2013

If everyone had  a big belly laugh every day, the world would be a better place.

Here’s one just for you (with thanks to Tri-State Defender for the heads up). Watch it before you read the rest of this post. Go ahead. It’s worth the five minutes.

(Email followers click here for video.)

Even if you are among the eight million people who have already viewed the video on YouTube or know the whole story from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I’ll bet you couldn’t resist watching it again.

But here’s a summary, for those of you who think you can’t spare the five minutes:

Jay Leno has punking on his mind via The Tonight Show’s  ongoing Pumpcast News sketch. A fake news broadcast is piped through a screen atop a gas pump at a Costco in Burbank.  Along come Will and Monifa Sims. Will begins to pump gas, singing to himself.  The newscaster comments on the husband’s singing and invites him to perform for the live camera in return for a free tank of gas. Startled only for a second (this is, after all, goofy and wonderful America, where anything can happen), the man belts out a joyful, a cappella Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. 

Meanwhile, inside the car, his mortified wife is laughing so hard she can hardly bear it. When the Bon Jovi number is finished, the newscaster asks if the wife would like to sing.  Husband asks her through the still-raised car window; she declines.

Moments later she reconsiders and jumps out of the car to perform her own uninhibited rendition of the Eurhythmics Sweet Dreams, complete with dance breaks and her husband’s falsetto back up.

If this video doesn’t make you laugh harder than you have in weeks, you’d better check if you’re still breathing.

Spoiler:  It turns out that Will and Monifa, who later appeared as Jay Leno’s guests on The Tonight Show, are actors. Monifa appeared in a Pumpcast News segment just two years ago. At the same pump. Wearing the same workout wear. Hmm. Here’s the “rest of the story” from The Smoking Gun.

So, was this video staged in hopes it would go viral? The couple and Mr. Leno say no, it’s just a wild coincidence.

Whatever. Having watched it before I knew the larger story and laughed until I hurt, I don’t really care if it was spontaneous or staged.  I choose to believe that at any moment, wherever I happen to be, I might be unexpectedly charmed by a winsome stranger who loves life and wants to make me smile.  That a flash mob will break out at Kroger or Overton Square. Or that this would really happen at McDonald’s:

(email followers click here for video)

What prompted your last belly laugh?

dog belly laugh

time for a belly laugh

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