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Memphis’ New Financial and Strategic Plan – Just What You Need to Know

February 12, 2014

What’s your take on Memphis’ newly released Multi-year Strategic Fiscal and Management Plan? You know, the 182-page document that outlines recommendations and strategies that will determine what our city will look like in 2019?


Or maybe your To Do list has a few hundred items of greater urgency ahead of that light reading. Not to worry. Joe Saino of MemphisShelbyInform and Back in River City are on task. We are both in the process of reading and analyzing the plan and will highlight specific issues that you should know about in a series of future posts. Already, Joe has published a post explaining  his own Hybrid Pension Plan that could save the City money and give public employees a better deal than Social Security. Read his  February 3, 2014 post, A New Idea, Trust Free Enterprise here.

hands off pension and benefits

On February 6th, Joe exposed gross waste and inefficiency in the management of the City’s employee health care contributions. Read $9 Million Blown Over Three Years here and today’s follow up, Health Care! What Does It Cost?here.

searching dog with magnifying glass

Joe spares no detail when he investigates public spending. Greater Memphians are blessed to have a government watchdog of his caliber on duty, and Back in River City is proud to be in cahoots with him. 

So, rest easy. Read to your kids, have a glass of wine with your spouse, or  grab a good book for yourself with that 20 minutes of discretionary time you’ve managed to squeeze out of the day. We’ve got you covered on this one.  Remember, it’s everybody’s city; we’re all in this together; and these tough times call for wiser and better decision-making from our elected and appointed officials.

Watch for our updates here at Back in River City and and get involved!

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