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Women: How to Rekindle Your Flickering Light Within

June 14, 2014

Who is today’s woman?


Advertisers tell us she is sexy, strong, confident, and self-possessed. Screenwriters often depict her as the one in charge, the adult in the room who holds families and relationships together, while irresponsible men carry on in bad-boy ways. Innately, we think of women having an inner light and shedding that  light on others.

But in real life, Tammy Gaitor Miller sees women all around who are spiritually dying, suffering from a sense of brokenness, isolation, unworthiness and defeat. That brash, have-it-all, do-it-all attitude that society tells women to adopt often leads to poor choices that result in calamity. Real life isn’t always the same as what marketing experts or feminist ideologues want it to be. Real life is messy and unpredictable, unexplained and unenlightened. For many women,  life today  ~ especially in Memphis ~ is a house of horrors. One room opens to reveal dysfunctional relationships with men; another, domestic violence; another, financial worries. Down the hall:  consequences of  crime and substance abuse, elder care responsibilities, single motherhood, insufficient resources, broken families, broken dreams, guilt, shame, despair.

Tammy conceived a way to start the  healing process for women. She imagined women coming together for a time of unity, listening to speakers who would provide insight,  affirmation and answers. A time of hope and introspection to rekindle the flickering light within.

Saturday, June 28, 2014, Tammy will host Turn Off the Lights Women’s Conference at  the Holiday Inn Fogelman Executive Conference Center across from the University of Memphis on Central. Four speakers ~ all men ~ will share their own stories of brokenness, experiences that have led them to give women the honor and respect they deserve. Topics will include:

  • Women Breaking Barriers and  Building Bridges (UNITY)
  • Women Embracing and Valuing Life: Living Life As Outstanding
  • Understanding : The Power of a Woman’s Worth

An open question and answer session with the speakers will wrap up the evening.

Speakers include:

Anthony D. Collins  Author, blogger, motivational speaker and radio host based in Chicago, IL. Latest book: Life Is Outstanding

anthony collins

Trent D. Williams Self-described “rehabilitated bad boy” Trent Williams of New Orleans is an author, radio show host and certified life coach whose wisdom about the good and bad of relationships was earned from experience.

trent williams


Aaron Jordan, Jr.  was born in Memphis, graduated from Christian Brothers University, and now resides in Murfreesboro, TN. His first book, published in 2013,  is The Power Within, A Woman’s Worth: From Both Sexes

aaron jordan 2

Brandon Gaitor, a “military brat” who graduated from Ridgeway High, says that coming to live in Memphis at age 12 changed him forever. He is a community builder and grassroots advocate for change to bring a better future for the city. Brandon is  Project Coordinator for the City of Memphis Health Educational and Housing Facility Board, a member of the Community Development Council of Greater Memphis, a member of the Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition, a founding member of Memphis United and sits on the Board of Directors for the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Brandon credits his Christian spiritual foundation as the bedrock of his passion and motivation.

brandon gaitor

Tammy Gaitor Miller is a radio show host, founder of Butterfly Evolution transformation ministry and girls’ tammy butterfly cropmentoring group 901Butterflies, an advocate for personal empowerment and a better Memphis, a motivational speaker in Shelby County Schools, and numerous other activities that make our world better ~ all of which she does in addition to a busy career as a relocation specialist. Tammy is also my Soul Sister and an inspiration in my life.  When Tammy sees a need, especially when it comes to women and children, she works to find a solution. She is sponsoring the Turn Off the Lights Women’s Conference to address the need for women in difficult circumstances to find inner healing, hope, encouragement, and wholeness.

The three hour conference begins at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 28th. Location: Holiday Inn Fogelman Executive Conference Center, 330 Innovation Drive (off Central across from the University of Memphis). Registration  is only $22. To register or for more information, go to or call 888-483-7445.

All women are invited, so bring a friend to experience an extraordinary night of “rehabilitated” men speaking to women’s deepest needs. Rekindle your inner flame and share your light. We will all be better for it.

 Messages of Light


“Most of us are imprisoned by something. We’re living in darkness until something flips on the switch.”― Wynonna Judd


“In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.”
― Brennan Manning, Abba’s Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging

“And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”
― John 1:5, Holy Bible: King James Version

I challenge you today to go past fear, doubt, worry and the darkness, and Turn On your Light, Allow the Spark to Light your candle and when you have done so and basked in the feeling of being truly alive and have filled your cup, share with another who still lives in the dark.

― Inshan Meahjohn, The Hidden Path


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