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How Our Thumbs Are Voting for Amy, the Appellates and the Supremes

July 17, 2014



We know that many of you have been waiting for the final sections of Voting Smart: Your Voting Guide to Shelby County’s 2014 Judicial Elections. Yesterday we announced that information and our endorsements for all judicial elections (except the Appellate Court and  Tennessee Supreme Court retention referenda) were up on our website and Facebook pages Back in River City and Voting Smart .

We also owe you a weighing in on the Shelby County District Attorney General race.

We are still working on the Appellate/Supremes section. It contains a fairly lengthy history of judicial selection in Tennessee (of  questionable interest except to history and political geeks like us) as well as background data on the candidates.

But early voting begins tomorrow, so here’s the bottom line for you Early Birds who just want to know how we’re moving our thumbs.

thumbs down


It’s thumbs down on everyone – Appellates and Supremes –  for us.  

It may surprise you, but this decision goes beyond any partisan concerns we may have (although they, too, factor in).

Our final analysis of these races will be up posthaste. (I get to have a life again when the final period is in place so I assure you I am motivated!).

As for the District Attorney General’s race, here’s a quick summary:

Amy Weirich was elected with strong bi-partisan support. She has been in office only two years, a fraction of  a full  eight-year term. She is doing her job well. It would take an extremely strong opponent to justify replacing her. We all know that the contentious Judge Joe Brown doesn’t fit that definition. Enough said. We’re sticking with Amy.

Thanks to everyone who has read and shared the Guide and offered your kind encouragement.  We are honored that you find our research and analysis of value. Please continue to spread the word that the Guide exists. We don’t expect everyone to agree with our opinions; our job is to help everyone make more informed and thoughtful decisions.

So, go out and vote to make a better Memphis!







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