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Voting Smart Updates – July 22

July 22, 2014

vote for judges


Voting Smart: Back in River City’s Guide to Shelby Co.’s 2014 Judicial Elections is now COMPLETE!. We added three more sections:

  • Addition to Appellate Courts tab: Analysis and commentary on Tennessee Supreme Court incumbent retention elections 
  • Section IV: Amendment #2: Selecting Judges (appears on a new tab/page accessed from our home page). This section covers the proposed constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2, 2014 ballot. It will change the way we select judges in our appeals courts and the Tennessee Supreme Court


We have also changed one of our candidate recommendations.  Many of you saw a disturbing article about General Sessions Court Judge Lonnie Thompson in  Sunday’s Commercial Appeal. We knew that Judge Thompson had been charged in 2006 in a domestic violence incident. Noting the outstanding ratings Judge Thompson  received from our attorney panel and the fact that the charges were dropped, we initially  recommended Judge Thompson over newcomer Christian Johnson in the Div. 6 race. After reading the CA account of two more domestic violence incidents (1994 and 2013; all three incidents with separate women), we were forced to reconsider. Even though charges were dropped each time, the appearance of a pattern of conduct is deeply disturbing.

Under normal circumstances, we would not endorse a judicial candidate with a resume as thin as Mr. Johnson’s (he just passed the bar in October 2013). Mr. Johnson is, quite frankly, an unknown quantity. Still, the options here are not terrific. Mr.  Johnson worked his way through law school at the University of Memphis as a paralegal, and therefore has more experience than the average new JD. We are more comfortable with Mr. Johnson at this time than we are with Judge Thompson, and he will have our vote in the General Sessions Div. 6 race.

We suggest you consider both candidates very carefully before making your own decision.


get out and vote



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  1. Jennifer Proseus permalink
    July 22, 2014 4:38 pm

    I sure appreciate your input on these things! I can’t keep up with all the judicial stuff. Education issues keep me busy. Thanks!!!


    • July 22, 2014 5:54 pm

      We depend on your hard work on the education front, Jennifer! God bless you for devoting your time to our children’s futures. Nothing is more important to the Greater Memphis area than providing a sound education for all children. Thank you for commenting.

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